New Jersey State Bond Requirements

Many people aren't sure when a bond is necessary and how to obtain one. Let G. Steel and Associates be your advocate and your resource. We will help you determine what you need and how to get it!

Estate Bonds

Whenever a person dies without a will, the state of NJ requires that an administrator be appointed and a bond be obtained for the amount of the estate.

This bond is requested by the County Surrogate and must be obtained before any assets of the estate can be accessed. At this difficult time, our agents are there to make this process as simple as possible. This bond can be applied for in our office and can be approved and issued by the bonding company in less than 20 minutes.

License Bonds

License bonds are also required by the state in order to maintain a plumber or electrician license. These bonds are for a 2 or 3 year term and cost $50 per term. Again, these can be applied for and issued in a short period of time by an agent.